Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Short Story, and other updates

Much to update today, and since it's Spring Break, there's time to post! First, I've added a plethora of new titles to the BookList. I'm very much looking forward to continuing Kevin J. Anderson's Terra Incognita series, The Map of All Things. With all the political intrigue of Roger Zelanzy's Amber Chronicles and societal tensions as intricate as those in Tolkien's Middle Earth, Anderson gives his readers truly epic fantasy. If you enjoy reading lovingly lush descriptions about high adventure, you'll love this series.

I'm also including more romance in the mix, since I've been at practice writing romantic fiction. Special thanks to Lisa Heflin for sharing Shoe Addicts Anonymous. While it's more chicklit than romance, I find I can sympathize with the characters: one is head over her Ferragamos in debt; the other is an agoraphobic who handles most of her social interactions online. It's a definite fun read.

Which leads me to my latest endeavors in writing...
After several people, my parents included, said they didn't care for Valentine's Day because it's an over-commercialized excuse to spout bad poetry and buy overpriced chocolate, I decided to write a story for a friend who was feeling particularly down about the holiday. I wrote a light and fluffy piece of romance fiction titled Bluebird. Thanks go to Jim, for his inspiration, and to Matt, for his constant support and encouragement. Enjoy!

Bluebird, A Sweet Story for Valentine's

Summary: After a devastating setback in their relationship, Hector and Cora really need Valentine's Day to be really special. However, when their separate plans go awry, someone sees it as an opportunity to step in and take advantage of the situation.

Word Count: 5,225 words
Rating: PG-13
Original story and characters belong to the author. Any resemblance to characters real or fictional is purely coincidental. Re-print or re-post with author's permission only. Lyrics to "Bluebird" copyright by Paul McCartney.