Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday post

Every year on my birthday, I check in on my New Year's Resolutions, just to see how on-track I am for reaching my goals. I used to consider this incredibly neurotic, bordering on embarrassing, but then I read that Jeremy Renner creates a life chart for himself each year in order to see if he's on target for where he wants to be in life. And he's a famous actor who builds houses on the side, so... there.

This gives me license to be neurotic as I wanna be.

Here were my goals for 2012:

Travel – Go to London, baby!
TV – Two hours a week during school weeks
Reading – 40 books
Fitness – Lose 11 pounds; complete Couch-2-5K program
Diet – Paleo diet, with three splurges a week
Writing – 2,000 words a week, Poem-A-Day in April, NaNoWriMo in November, continue to post The Cosmos Within, find a venue for Katrina’s stories

And here's how I've done as of July 12 -- my birthday:

Travel - We went to London, baby!
TV - So far, so good. We've done more reading, crafting, and creating than TV viewing. Next year, I might consider tackling my various social media addictions.
Reading - So far, I have read 24 books.
Fitness - I've lost 6 pounds and have completed Couch-2-5K; Now I'm working on Ease-Into-10K
Diet - Doing better here... keeping mostly to Paleo lifestyle. We're eating healthy, except today there will be cake!
Writing - Utter fail for Poem-A-Day. I wrote six poems. Six. I blame the rather wild spring semester we had, and my mismanagement of various stressors and emotions. Must do better next year. During the summer, I write well over the 2,000 word goal. I completed The Cosmos Within as well as another Doctor Who story called Tricky. Then, I wrote a 50 page Avengers fanfiction, and I'm currently working on an Unusuals fanfiction. That's the real vacation right there! I do still intend to take on the NaNoWriMo challenge, and find a venue for Katya's stories.

Also, I have a wonderful friend reading my novel, Reprieve, so with some work and a bit of luck, maybe that one will get published.

I think I'm on target for meeting my goals this year. Most of them. That's a pretty nice feeling. I think I'll celebrate with some bacon!