Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Goals, 2015: Return to what you know

Last year's goals, right here: New Year's 2014

As years go, 2014 has been mighty big. We moved to another country, met so many new and amazing people, visited Japan, went to Las Vegas, picked up a steady travel writing job, sold almost everything we owned, and experienced a major career change. We're also learning Hangeul!

I was pretty successful in achieving the goals I made last year. The goal was to simplify, which we did. We now live in a tiny apartment in Seoul. Everything we own fits in this one room (and in my Aunt Amy's storage back in Texas. Sorry, Amy!). We reached our travel goals. I made my reading goal of 50 books. I wrote some, both for fun and profit.

In the Health Goal category, we did change our diet from the western carb-laden fare we so know and love to the more healthy veggies and fish diet of South Korea, and it has made an impact. However, I have failed to find a workout/running solution that works here, so that will have to change if I want to stay fit.

In the Career Goal category, I made no effort to get Reprieve published (sad) and am at loose ends where teaching is concerned. I'm still very unsure about what I want in this regard. Much soul-searching needed in.

2015 began in Japan, but it will end with us back in Texas. This has been a wonderful adventure, but one thing it has certain shown me is that we need our family every day. Every. Day.

Here are my goals for 2015. May everyone be blessed this year, and happy, and fulfilled.

1. Health Goal:

  • Continue eating the Korean diet - more meat, veggies, and fruit. Less bread and pasta.
  • Work on meditating and yoga regularly (three times a week).
  • I love work out challenges, so I'm going to do them!
  • Also, incorporate a reward system. Three workouts = $5, which I can spend on clothing or art supplies.

2. Travel Goal:

  • Save money
  • Go back to Texas

3. Career Goal:

  • Find something that incorporates teaching, writing, creativity, and helping people that doesn't stress me or my family out so much that we can't be happy.
  • Submit my novel to two agencies each month.

4. Reading Goal:

  • 52 books! That's one book a week. Yay!