Friday, January 29, 2016

Fiction Friday: Limberjack

Limberjacks from Prairie Wind Toy Co.
For Fiction Flashback Friday, I'm sharing a poem that I've been kicking around a while. I grew up around some clever bluegrass musicians, including my lovely Aunt Lerlie, who would sing and provide percussion to their songs with a Limberjack doll.

I've been thinking a lot about those days with our Papa's family, mostly about how I thought they would never end.

So this little poem is about lost childhood and a generation that is slowly slipping away. Even so, we won't forget what they've given us.

This poem is for Aunt Lerlie.


Never again
Will the little wooden man
Dance as he did
Like he danced with you

And never again
Will his jitterbug limbs
Spin as they did
When he spun with you

In our childhood dreams
of watermelon teeth
and sweet gum trees,
He jigs and he jumps
To your knuckle-bump thumps
On the pine wood plank
where he danced

But never again
Will he swing and sway
As he did back then
In those huckleberry days

None of us learned
How to play the spoons
And the cuckoo clock springs
Have sprung too soon

And never again
Will they rewind
While the limberjack man
Lies on his side

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