Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poem-A-Day 004: Let the Great World Spin

Finally, a poem I like this month!

I did go off-prompt for this one, because I didn't like the one we have at Poetic Asides this time.

Let the Great World Spin

Let’s paint our car in chalkboard black
and graffiti it with style
I’ll write “Wash Me” on the back
Just to see your smile

Let’s drizzle the porch with twinkle lights
Let’s glitter that old arm chair
We’ll make a lamp from seashells
We’ll fishtail braid our hair

Let’s eat a dozen lemon pies
and stretch out on the lawn
We’ll blow a thousand bubbles
until the sun has gone

Let’s spend the night counting the stars
Let’s feel the turn of the earth
Let’s gather life around us
Let’s not forget its worth

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