Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poem-A-Day 005: Happy Birthday

The prompt for today is something from my past.

Well, this poem is for my lovely assistant teacher, Kat, whose birthday was in December:

Happy Birthday
a poem for Katrina

We both were scared and unprepared
For what Paredes held
But like a shot, you read my thoughts
Just like a Vulcan mind meld

Fantastic wit, you never quit
Wicked, the Doctor, Glee
A super talent, always gallant
Yeah, you had me at “Squee!”

Then every day, you had this away
Of making class awesome
With strong diction and fanfiction
You made this job such fun

And now teaching it is the thing
You say you will pursue
We all marvel by how much they’ll
Be inspired by you

And with Klainebows and heaven knows—!
Your spark ignites the fuse
So celebrate! We all can’t wait
To share this path you choose.

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