Friday, April 16, 2010

2010 April PAD Challenge: Day 16 Poetic Asides
Posted by Robert

Maybe it's a little too close to tax day, but today's prompt is to write a death poem. You can write about a specific death or consider death as an idea. In the tradition of Emily Dickinson (and other poets), you could even address Death as an entity. Or you can surprise us with a different spin on the subject.

I chose, instead, the subject of dying. It's related, after all. And after much struggling and scribbling, this is what came out.

Room 1409, Brackenridge

The worst thing about visiting 
is not the hushing brush of the machines.
It’s not the fluid tubes that spill in spirals
down his front, from his nose, from his mouth,
from his thread-thin arms.
It’s not the windy sense of urgency
outside the door kept ajar.
It’s not the numb feet of waiting
or the burnt coffee,
or the glossy faces on the magazines
smiling out as if to say,
“It'll work out fine – you’ll see.”

It’s his teeth.
Too large for his mouth, they slide
sideways in his jaws, trapped in a
silent scream as he sleeps.

Thanks for reading!

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