Saturday, June 11, 2011

3K Playlist 6-11-11

Tonight I ran 3K in 20 minutes without stopping - a new personal record. I really didn't think I could make it, but when the C25K App alerted me that it was time for the cool down phase, I was surprised. Relieved, but surprised.

Here's tonight's Playlist. It kept me going:

1. Rolling In The Deep, by Haley Reinhart
2. Far Away, So Close (Stay), by U2
3. Suddenly Everything Has Changed, by the Flaming Lips
4. You Got Another Thing Coming, by James Durbin
5. Starlight, by Muse
6. Somebody to Love, by Queen
7. Calling All Angels, by Train
8. The Last Goodbye, by Jeff Buckley
9. You and Me, Her Space Holiday
10. Rain King, Counting Crows

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