Saturday, April 5, 2014

Poem A Day, 003

To: From: Re: Life Hey! I’m here to interest you In an exciting offer Don’t click the SPAM button, This is important! You need to know Not everything that flashes Deserves your attention All those shiny objects— Shoes that cost as much as plane tickets Hair products that make your hair More reflective than your conscience— Those things are traps As much as treasures. Oh, I get it. What do I know? I’m just ones and zeros. But IRL, I’m trying to reach you Amidst Photoshopped glam And pop-ups for Viagra And your BFFs Instagrammed boobshots (srsly, she needs to put some clothes on) But I’m trying to tell you There’s a world beyond cyberspace A world beyond Gucci and Prada And Jordan’s and Nike I’m trying to tell you that Labels are cages Labels are limits Labels are lies Don’t let yourself get bound up By a four-inch screen Live your life in all its dimensions. ROFL. Literally. Love, Me

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