Saturday, April 19, 2014

Poem A Day, 019

For today’s prompt, pick a color, make the color the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. You can make your poem black, white, red, purple, turquoise, puce, or whatever your heart desires. And the subject of your poem can cover any topic–as long as you’ve plugged a color into the title. Let’s do this!

Of course, I went a bit off prompt. I wanted to play with the condition of synesthesia, since Katrina and I both have it to a degree. We associate colors, scents, tastes, and feelings with certain words or ideas.


Like the color of an itch
like the scent of a song
like the taste of betrayal
when everything goes wrong

A yellow word
fills up my mind
exhaling and exhaling
a balloon filled with wasps
caution and worry
laced with
like the insight
of my mind

Like the color of an insult
like the scent of your fright
like the taste of disappointment
like your decisions of tonight

A gray word
inside my palm
twirling and swirling
a tempest filled with knives
wishes and regrets
laced with
sugar cane
like the promise
of my pain

like the color of a mindcrime
like the scent of losing hope
like the taste of dying dreams
when you know that you're alone

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