Sunday, April 13, 2014

Poem A Day, 012

For today’s prompt, write a city poem. The poem can take place in a city, can remember the city (in a general sense), be an ode to a specific city, or well, you should know the drill by now. City poem: Write it!


The night was wide with moonlight
Great cake slices of whiteness
Wedged between slips of grass
And sidewalk

Tiptoe traipsing,
We tread our way through
swathes of sounds
a mosaic of Tejano
and bass thump
and techno

Stuffed between
mingling scents of
Mountain Laurel laced
with cumin
and sawdust
and flour

It used to be here
There used to be 32
mercury vapor
Cutting the night
into cake shapes

Now here we stand
in the shadow
flashblind from the future
hands cupped around

the past

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