Monday, April 7, 2014

Poem A Day, 007

I skipped six for now, because I haven’t written a night poem yet…

Here’s my self portrait poem, which goes with our class symbolism assignment, in which we create a personal mandala. The poem and mandala symbolically represents 14 aspects of our personalities.


Sun Image:
 Outwardly, I am like a cat, because like at cat, I am independent and aloof.
 Outwardly, I am like an iris, because like an iris, I am resilient and adaptable.
 Outwardly, I am like the color blue, because like blue, I am calm and carefree.
 Outwardly, I am like a lightning bolt, because like a lightning bolt, I can be scattered and energetic.
 Outwardly, I am like the number 28, because like 28, I am as dependable as the lunar cycle.
 Outwardly, I am like an opal, because like an opal, I have a deep fire of hope.
 Outwardly, I am like water, because like water, I am creative and intuitive.

Shadow Image:
 Inwardly, I am like a hawk, because like a hawk, I am loyal to my loved ones.
 Inwardly, I am like a dogwood, because like a dogwood, I am sensitive and fragile with life gets rough.
 Inwardly, I am like gold, because like gold, I feel I must protect the valuable part of my heart.
 Inwardly, I am like a spiral, because like a spiral, I search for spiritual meaning.
 Inwardly, I am like the number seven, because like seven, I am lucky, unique, and exciting.
 Inwardly, I am like a moonstone, because like a moonstone, I am secretive about my fears.
 Inwardly, I am like a fire, because like a fire, my passions can be all-consuming.

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