Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beware of Fairy Tales - Day 5 of the 2016 PAD Challenge

Here is a twist on the twisted fairy tales. This is five linked haikus about a forest and a hapless adventurer.

Beware of Fairy Tales
Along the Forest Path by Selina Fenech
The sign outside reads:
Beware of the Fairy Tales
They always return

In the tavern light
Her wings like snowflakes, shiver
prismatic daggers

"Please, can you help me?"
Her voice is the falling leaves
You reach for her, and--

The path stands empty,
Stabbed by moonlight and silence
Moths brush at your face

Feet encased in stone,
Weapon useless at your side,
Words caught on your lips

Too late to scream now:
You are trapped within her snare.
She always returns.

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