Tuesday, April 5, 2016

One Doesn't Stop to Talk with Nightmares - Day 4 of the 2016 PAD Challenge

Off-prompt, but from a line in a Guy Gavriel Kay story, provided by one of our writing group partners, Lori Krell. I think this one is about becoming our worst nightmares. 
Mirror of the Soul by ispheria.

One Doesn't Stop to Talk to Nightmares

Yes, I heard her warning
as I left the bar that night.
I heard her
but I refused to heed
the raving rantings
of a whore

Yes, she warned me of the dangers
of straying from the path
of staying too long
of listening
to the whispers.
I heard her
but I thought her
I thought

She said, One doesn't stop
to talk to nightmares.
I said, What do you know
of dreams?
Her cracked face
fractures panes
in ruined casement.

Yes, I wondered what she lost
from lingering too long
from sipping too deeply
from keeping cozy company
with the demons
of her dreams

I wondered, but dismissed her
A mad woman
A transient
A fool

No, I did not see her
for what she is
for what she was:
Not a broken window
but a mirror.
A reflection
of me.

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