Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 Poem A Day, Day Eight

Prompt for Day Eight:
For today’s prompt, write a dare poem. This poem could be written as a dare to someone. It could make a daring proclamation. It could involve a dare that someone has accepted…or refused. In a way, each day of this challenge is a dare to write a poem. Are you ready for the challenge?
This one was just fun. May you continue to dare, as I am right now with this writer's life!

Triple Dog Dare

When we were kids
it was a taunt:
Get in the water
Jump off the side
Climb into the branches
Don't try to hide.

Teenagers morphed us
into mouthy hooligans:
I dare you to kiss him
I dare you to try.

Then came college,
Then came life.
Then came bills
and marriage
and kids
and bills
and student loans
and heartbreak
and death.

Then it was
a four-letter word:
the dominion
of swaggering
and fools

Should I risk it?
Don't you dare.

But I do.
I dare you
I triple dog dare you:
Get out
Get up
Get busy

I dare you to do
what frightens you
I dare you
I dare you
I dare.

This one is for my awesome brother, my partner-in-dare. Love you <3 p="">


  1. Thank you for daring me. What would my life be without the adventures I've had, that I wouldn't have had, were it not for you showing me what being brave and daring can bring? You're still my hero.

  2. I love you so much, my brother. You inspire me to be better.