Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 Poem A Day, Day Six

For today’s prompt, write a things-not-as-they-appear poem. Poetry is filled with metaphors, similes, symbols, and layered meanings, so this should be a softball prompt. If you’re struggling, look at your current surroundings, pick an object, and turn it into a metaphor for something. Or think of somebody in the real world (mail person, gas station attendant, etc.) and make up a secret double life for them. C’mon, you can do this.  

In reading the chapter, Elkton, Minnesota: Whatever's in Front of You, Natalie Goldberg reminds us that, "In writing you can know everything." She goes on to say something so beautiful and true, that it hurts sometimes to remember it: "You can have parts of others live in you."

This dovetails perfectly with today's prompt. Brewer encourages us to look at your current surroundings. Goldberg says write what's in front of you. That is the inspiration for today's poem: Something in front of me, but also a part of me.   


Bound by beads,
and held in string
the cage of an age:
These dragonfly wings

Once was a button
upon a boy's lace,
but time has altered
how I present this face

Each coil of wire
each bubble of glass
a twist of the chain
held with a clasp

My amber once
a man's domain
how over time
this fate has changed

And I, a necklace,
was once a pin:
such transformations
between women and men

The substance of beauty
no matter the skin
takes to its wings
on what lies within.

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