Saturday, April 11, 2015

Paperback Heart, revised

This is the revised poem, Paperback Heart, now even more like a song. It's been stuck in my head all day. If only I could write music...

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Paperback Heart

How long will I live this
paperback life?

Letters stuck in envelopes
days stuck in strife

I guess I'm always hoping
I'll get carried away

But I'm trapped in this existence
day after day.

How long will I live with this
paperback heart?

All my days the flimsy pages
of someone else's art.

I think I'm always dreaming
of getting out to dance

But I stand against the wall
and I never take the chance

How long will I dream these
paperback schemes?

Choking on the exhaust of
someone else's dreams.

All my notebooks filled but empty
Nothing there but grief and pain

Don't have the guts to burn 'em up
Don't know how to start again.

So how long will I live this
paperback life?

Hiding from the real world,
hoping the fictions aren't all lies

My shelves cluttered with memories
of someone else's strife.

I think I'm always wishing
for my hero to ride in

To save me from this drudgery
Let my fairy tale begin.

But I know that we're just people
And I know that love can die
And I know that I'll keep living
this paperback life

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