Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 Poem A Day, Day Twenty-One

For today’s prompt, we’re dealing with our third “Two for Tuesday” prompt(s):
     1. Write a “what you are” poem, or…
     2. Write a “what you are not” poem.

I'm off prompt today, sort of. This is more of a reflection poem. It's been sitting in the unfinished poem folder for a while, but today when I looked at it, I made a few changes and thought, "It's as ready as it will ever be."


A fear:
you will write
about the ways
I have scarred you.
And I have,
it pains to admit.
I have pushed
when I should
have comforted.
I have dismissed
when I should
have listened.
And you will write
about the ways
I have failed you.
All my searching
and running,
all my scattered 
dropped like 
of broken
in your lap.

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