Monday, April 20, 2015


For the next two weeks, we will be moving in with our Aunt Ava in an effort to help her quit smoking.

This is our Aunt Ava:

We love her a lot. We want her to be with us for a really long time. She says she feels cigarettes are impairing her ability to live her life, so her idea is that if we are there with her through this process, she will be more likely to quit for good.

Katrina and I will do our best to keep her occupied. We are going to take walks, play games, gorge ourselves on TLC shows, give ourselves mani/pedis, clean out closets and flower beds, and watch American Idol. But our family tells us that we have to be constantly vigilant. Ava is known for being the most addictive personality in a family of highly addictive personalities. She will be like a ninja, they say, so we must always be on our guard. Luckily, Katrina has the night shift due to her nocturnal habits, and I have the day. I hope we have her covered.

I'll be posting poetry and updates from her house for a while as we commit to Operation Smoke Free. I'm working on a more clever name. If anyone has experience with helping others quit smoking, or if you've quit smoking yourself (rock on!) leave any tips you might have in the comment section.


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