Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 12 - My Mind

And just like that, we're already on to our second "Two for Tuesday" prompt of the challenge. I know this is a prompt that some poets have been craving, while others probably not so much. Regardless, I did this one on Tuesday to provide some options:

1. Write a form poem. This could be a sonnet, pantoum, lune, or even something as sinister as a--dare I say it--sestina.

2. Write an anti-form poem. Just as there are poets who love playing with forms, there are poets who think they are the worst thing ever. That's fine. Express (in either free verse or a prose poem) your feelings on writing in traditional forms.
Just make sure you poem!

So I chose an anti-form poem. Actually, it's a mash up. I was so happy with last year's effort of At Last, by Etta James and The Last Goodbye, by Jeff Buckley, that I decided to try this one, which has been overlapping for a while in the juke box of my brain. If I had one lick of mixing skills, I'd make this a real mash-up. It would sound amazing, I think.

My Mind

A mash-up of Tyler, by the Toadies and
Where Is My Mind, by the Pixies

I find a window in the kitchen,
and I let myself in
Rummage through the refrigerator,
find myself a beer

I can't believe I'm really here,
and she's lying in that bed
I can almost feel her touch,
and her anxious breath

And I ask myself,
Where is my mind?

I stumble in the hallway,
outside the bedroom door
I hear her call out to me,
I hear the fear in her voice

She pulls the covers tighter,
I press against the door
And I ask myself,
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?

And she runs through her days
Way out in the water
with a smile on her face
See her swimming,
and I wait

And I ask myself
(I ask myself)
Where is my mind?

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