Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Six - A Very Silly Poem

Picking up the prompt for Tuesday instead (, here's this bit of nonsense:

And now for something completely different…

If by chance, you visit New France
You may just happen to see
A bearded whale, a beatnik snail
Or maybe a blouse having tea

One thing you’ll find at the Coffee Grind
A wildebeest spouting Pope
Beside him there, but babe, don’t stare
Is an expatriate with his rope

Hanged by his neck, beware the Dalek
It’s come for Dr. Who
But it will settle for what’s in the kettle
Perhaps some aardvark stew

In New France, the animals dance
To music that they call frappe
Starts with a beat, knocks you off your feet
And then you take a nap

But wake up in time to finish this rhyme
The zebras play their charades
This little farce is a pain in the arse
Get on with this parade!

All nods to Monty Python and Neil Gaiman for the inspiration

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