Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 30 - After Leaving Here

For today's prompt, write an "after leaving here" poem. This poem could be about leaving an actual place, a relationship, or even this challenge. We leave many places and things every day without much ado, including rooms, vehicles, people (both those we know and complete strangers), etc. And to make this poem even more interesting is that there is presumably something that will be done after the leaving, whether that's something fun, sad, hopeful, or whatever.

So here's mine:

After Leaving Here

We’ll have cake
with fondant clams
And peppermint pearls
We’ll have a
wheelchair race; I’ll
let you win

And after that
They’ll wheel us
To the seawall
Where we’ll hear
A band play
The Southern Cross
As rockets drift
On soundless pillars
Of sparkling sparks
Above the sea

You and me
Hand in hand
Won’t see our
Wisps of hair
We won’t spot
Our spotted hands
We won’t remark
Upon our scars

Instead we’ll see
An atlas spread
Beneath our feet
We’ll breathe in
The promise of
An ocean that
Folds and unfolds,
A treasure map
Blown by whispers
That call us
Ever home, ever
Loser to some
Endless horizon
Where we’ll know
No more sorrow
Not for us
After leaving here.

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