Monday, April 4, 2011

Day Three - World Without Me

Here's my response to Day Three's prompt:

World Without Me

The river breaks into sunrays
Shattering in rippling facets
Fleeting it seems, this light’s bright play
But it shines, as it shone,
As it ever will shine
Without me.

Traffic twirls on its concourse climb
A dizzying pinwheel of light
Blurring strands in a string of time
But it turns, as it turned
As it ever will turn
Without me.

Faint fading notes of symphony
Filling the air with autumn song
A falling swatch of harmony
And it plays, as it played
As it ever will play
Without me.

Window panes and cold winter clouds
The splash of light on fish’s scales
Elusive, how they flit and fly,
They’re just like us, like you and I

So what about this illusion?
This fiction we call legacy?
What have I wrought in books or hearts
That will linger here, after me?

My daughter walks, her hand in mine
Catching our family by the tales
Within her, our stories entwined
And she lives, so we live
As we ever will live
Within us.

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