Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 13 - The Prophecy (off prompt)

Going off prompt for this day, since I'm so far behind anyway.

I stumbled across this poem while scavenging through old journals looking for ideas. I used to run an Amber RPG, long, long ago, and this was a prophecy the characters had to decipher. I remember writing out the couplets on strips of paper, and as the characters explored in the game, they would happen upon the scattered "scrolls". Eventually, they had to all come together and piece the prophecy together to interpret it. Such fun! And how I miss those days.

After a bit of tidying, here it is:

The Prophecy

The Jester King will take his wife
The two will disappear.

In his place, the Sun will rise
And reign for a thousand years.

Then, at the dawn of a newborn age
A fearsome storm will rise

To rend apart the Unicorn’s child
To blot out the Serpent’s Eye

But lose not hope when the Heart fills with pain
Those who fell will fall once again

And from within the storm’s bleak well
The Dark Queen returns from her Citadel

And from its lofty paradise
The Realm of Light will fall

Its silvered towers crumbled,
As well its pristine halls

Once the storm has been sated
Its venomous fury dispelled

A child born from the lost line
Will emerge as it is quelled

This child, the bearer of hope
Will set the fallen son free—

Those powers will balance chaos
When bound to the Order Tree

Seek ye, Children of the Rose,
To learn your father’s ways

And bring back the young old king
To serve out the rest of his days

The bastard of the Stranger
Will take up arms and fight

This child battles anger;
This child battles night

She will fight the false father
She will crush his bones

She will end his duplicity and
Destroy the holder’s throne.

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