Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Seven - What if?

Day Seven Prompt:

For today's prompt, write a "what if" poem. It could be a "what if" from the past, present or future. For instance, what if no one discovered electricity? (How would we do this challenge?)

This one's an attempt at a concept I've thought about for a while. Pretty sure I haven't fully captured it yet, but it's a rough draft for now. I've often wondered what our lives would be life if we didn't have the chance to travel, and connected to that, how difficult it is to convey travel experiences to the people back home.

Since this poem is about Alaska, I decided to do five interlocking haikus:

What if?

What if we had missed
Denali’s bright majesty?
Where would we be now?

What if we forgot
The eagle’s flight in Seward?
Would our hearts fail us?

If we didn’t take
That rock road to Hatcher’s Pass
Would our hearts not beat?

We would still draw breath
And continue with living
But we would not know

That around the bend
There lies untold mystery
It’s waiting for us.

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