Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Five - Friends

For today's prompt, pick a type of person and write a poem about him or her. To help set the scene, you may want to title your poem as who the type of person is. For instance, you could write a poem titled "Firefighter," "Cynic," "Optimist," "Teacher," "2-year-old," etc. The list is endless.


Remember that episode of Friends
Where Ross makes a T-chart
Comparing Rachel with Julie?

And then Rachel got so mad
When she saw it because on
One side, he’d listed all her flaws

Then she saw the Julie column
And was amazed speechless
At the words: She’s not Rachel.

Well, I’ve done that for you, too;
Made a Pros and Cons chart and
The good qualities outweigh the bad.

In fact, there’s only one thing
On the Cons side, but I’m afraid
It’s kind of a deal breaker.

As Freddy says, you’re my best friend
And for reasons I can’t explain
That supercedes everything else

But maybe it’s something like this:
You’re the one relationship
I haven’t managed to screw up.

I’d really like to keep it that way,
See, because you and me, we’ve
Always been Like This.

1 comment:

  1. Very, very well done. Have I mentioned lately how clearly one can see your heart in your words?