Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 28 - Swan Dive

Day 28 - Posted by Robert

We're only 3 days from the finish line--actually 2 days after you finish today's prompt. Yay!

For today's prompt, write a "the world without something else" poem. If you remember on Day 3, I had everyone write a "the world without me" poem. This prompt imagines the world without something else, whether a person, place, thing, etc.

This one was going to be titled "World Without Windows", but midway through writing it, the poem morphed into something else. I was thinking about the sky diving trip we took two years ago, and that, combined with listening to "Coming Around" by A Fine Frenzy, produced this:

Swan Dive

Falling faster
Fight to untangle
From this latest

I am bleeding
From these old wounds
I’m in need of
Soul treating

Big risk taking
Soar without struggle
Or faking

I’m falling down
To the world
Through the clouds
And I’m—

I am laughing
Becoming unraveled
It’s not as bad
As I’d imagined
And now I’m


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