Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 19 - Butterscotch (off prompt, sorta)

Borrowing the prompt "Ain't nobody's business."


At thirteen, she learned she loved butterscotch.
She loved the creamy sweet taste on her tongue.
She adored the crinkling yellow wrappers
and the gold stripe they painted on her tongue.
All the hip kids were eating butterscotch
She fit right in, sucking her butterscotch
Until her pink tongue turned red. And then she
Went to the doctor, and he said, “Eating
Butterscotch is bad for your health, you see,
It blisters your tongue, your lungs and your teeth
So you must stop sucking your butterscotch.

She did right then, or so she said, except
Sev’ral times each week, she forgets the milk,
Or she needs to run back to the office,
Or return that DVD she borrowed
From her sister who lives just up the street.
We all know what she’s up to while she’s gone.
She’s unwrapping her precious butterscotch,
She savors the flavor lodged in her throat.

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