Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Four - The Test

I chose to diverge from the prompt path on Tuesday because we had our first battery of standardized tests earlier this week. Here's a bit of whimsy on something high-stakes and stuffy. This one's for my students:

The Test

It is a pain, a dreadful strain
I know they try their best
To work their brains and read all day
This long and boring test

Yesterday’s math began this path
And now they have to read
I say, “Slow down, don’t be a clown.
It’s not a test of speed.”

But some are tired while others are wired
The stories are so long
Poetry, too – you know what to do
Remember: you are strong!

Your strategies, they better be
Right there upon your page
Mental toughness – you’ve got the stuffness
To clear this final stage

You’re almost there, don’t say you don’t care
You’d better stay awake!
Now here’s your snack, this reading TAKS
Is the last you’ll have to take.

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  1. The range of positive images and attitudes you reflect to the children is nothing short of amazing. You truly are an inspiration! - J.